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In this section, all the leagues and cups that Tutbul follows can be found. You can reach the analyzes and predictions about the detailed analyzes of the games by clicking the logos of the leagues that you are interested in. The analyzes enter the system 24 hours before the games. You can reach the active game anaylzes at this section.


This section was designed for you to see the games which our team keep and trust most in only one screen. You can reach the all favourite games.


We gather the important games for the week in one screen. You can easily reach to derbies and the analyzes of big games. Thus, you can can see which big games will be played at the week in one screen and give an eye to their analyzes.


You can follow the games that you are interested in with Tutbul Live Score moment by moment. You can reach the all actions, goals and results the games by choosing the games that you are interested in even if the application is close. This is a quite quick, ad-free and elegant live score.


You can follow the success rates of analyzes and tips of Tutbul. You can see the rates of analyzes among leagues, starry games, derbies and devil gamet o game. Tutbul gives importance to success rates for starry games most. For that reason, you should follow the starry games more closely.


If you trust your knowledge about the sport, this game is for you! In addition, you can get a chance to win the montly or annual membership free. The only thing you should do is to enter the game and finish the 14 levels. When you finish the seventh level, you will win montly membership. When you finish the fourteen level, you will win annual membership. The only thing you should do is to find the words related to subject of the chapter by bringing together the letters. It’s that simple, funny and witty!


You see the game lists of live analysis. You can reach the analyzes of up-to-date live game analysis by clicking the detail section. Some tips and suggestions will arrive to you simultaneously while the games are being played. You can follow the analyzes about the related leagues and games based on these tips and suggestios.


You can reach the predictions and analyzes about the games which are open to finish a surprise result. We suggest you not taking seriously what Devil says so much. However, belive me, it suprises sometimes even us.


You can reach the all past game analyzes with this section. By clicking the listed buttons and investigating games and analyzes in archive, you can have an idea about the games.


You can reach the live score status, fixtures, statistics, special information, club information and sportmans’ infortmation of the major leagues we follow. Some information in this section can not be found anywhere. Enjoy these knowledges!

10. PRO

Most sections of Tutbul are published free. The sections of Live Score, Sport Data, Know This Too, Archive and Statistics are always free. You should subscribe montly if you want to reach analyzes, live analyzes, derbies, Devil and Stars. But you can reach the all content without any payment by playing Tutbul Words game. If you trust your knowledge about the sport, start the game and win the montly or annual membership free.


What you think about reaching the most interesting and different information about every branch of the sport? You can increase your knowledge level about sport with this section. Reach the most up-to-date and stunning information from here!